My fascination with make up began from an early age. Growing up in London in the 1970s and 80s and living on Kensington High Street, with shops like Biba and Kensington Market just down the road, I was already in awe of the fashionable and flamboyant shoppers that surrounded me. As fashions and the high street evolved, I watched with fascination as the styles around me emerged. Disco, punk, glam rock and New Romantics, to name but a few. There were so many amazing and diverse sources of inspiration - I became hooked.

But fashion is not my only source of inspiration. The sheer diversity of my work is one of the many things that keep me excited by it. I'm inspired by people and personalities, and love to observe the finer details. As a result of this, I also find great pleasure in creating characters for narrative or filmic shoots.

In my 25 years as a Make up Artist, my versatility and range of skills have helped me achieve a successful career working with various celebrities and bands, as well as on advertising campaigns for many high profile brands.

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